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The Sinamatella Camp is under new management since June 2018 and the new management is busy with renovations of this 14 Chalet Camp. 

Established in 1966, this part of the Park was a former cattle ranch. The camp is located near the northern boundary of the Park on an outcrop, 55 metres high, overlooking a distant riverbed and grassy plain. The name Sinamatella is a distortion of the name of a local shrub called “chinamatira” which characteristically will stick to clothing when brushed against.

The Camp is approximately 120 kilometres from Main Camp. Vehicles are not allowed to travel between the two camps after 1400 hours. Sinamatella is an Intensive Protection Zone (IPZ).

General Information for the visitor to Hwange National Park

These sub-tropical thorn and sand flats on the edge of the Kalahari Desert, were once home to the nomadic San (bushmen) who lived off the land and feasted on great herds of migrating game. They were displaced by stronger African tribes, who in turn had their day. Chief Hwange of the Rozi tribe was ousted by the Matabele chief Mzilikazi, and his lands taken over as a royal hunting ground.

Through a twist of fate, the land gained National Park status and Hwange National Park became is the largest game reserve in Zimbabwe, noted for its massive population of elephants.

Animals and Birds

Hwange has Africa’s Big Five and plenty of them! There are thousands of elephants and buffalo. Lions are commonly seen, but the elusive leopard and rhino are always a bonus to see. This park has such variety that one hundred different species have been recorded.

Dry season game-viewing is assisted by the shallow pans threaded throughout the park. The natural salt-licks provide elephants with favourite mud holes for wallowing and sixty man-made waterholes give much needed water during the hot parched winter months when everything else dries up. Several waterholes have raised wooden hides in which you can spend many hours observing animals and the interactions between them.

400 species of birds are found here making it a bird watchers paradise, particularly in the wet season.

Several of Hwange’s safari lodges occupy a private concession and unlike the public park, night drives are allowed. One memorable after-dark sight is the Springhare, who hops around like a miniature kangaroo.


The Camp consists of 14 chalets and camping sites. In addition, a restaurant, bar, and grocery shop.

  • 4x Two Bedroom Chalets (Numbers 9, 10, 13 and 14)
  • 10x Three bedrooms Chalets (Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11 and 12)

Renovation Activities:

The old one bedroom chalets are being converted to two bedroom chalets and two bedroom chalets will be converted to three bedroom units. The camp will consist of: 14 Chalets consisting of four (4) two bedroom chalets accommodating 4 people per chalet and ten (10) three bedroom chalets accommodating 6 people.  The old camp could accommodate 48 guests. The new camp will accommodate 96 guests.

The wood powered geysers (Donkeys) which are dilapidated will be replaced by solar geysers which will be the primary source of hot water. A gas-powered geyser will be on standby as a backup to the solar geysers in case of technical or functional faults on the former. The current wood powered geysers are not environmentally friendly since they use for fuel resulting in deforestation

Uncontrolled fire places which are located about 20m from the houses will be removed and replaced with controlled fireplaces with reduced risk of causing veldt fires. The proposed fireplaces will be having chimneys and walls to keep the under control.

The first chalet’s renovation was completed and included:

  • 1 Bedroom changed to a 2 bedroom with 1 on suite bathroom
  • Outside plastered and repainted
  • New roof trusses
  • All plumbing replaced
  • All inside walls tiled and all floors tiled
  • Shower and basin replaced with new modern upmarket toilet, shower and basin
  • Donkey replaced with gas and solar geyser
  • Kitchen cupboards replaced with new modern cupboards
  • Veranda tiled and fitted with a new controlled fireplace
  • Curtains replaced with modern blinds
  • Newly furnished



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